On 22 January 2015 the members Directory was Launched.

Dr Parvine Kapoor and Dr Amarjit singh Khambay from the Whitehouse Dental Practice in Southall and Mr Narinder Singh Sian were invited as special guests. Sadly Dr Amarjit Singh Khambay was unable to attend.

General Secretary Mr Ajit Singh Mahajan introduced the guests and called up on Dr Parvine Kapoor to address members. Dr Kapoor Brifly out lined the services on offer at the White House Dental Practice.

Mr Narinder Singh Sian spoke briefly and mention what an honour it had been to have been able to assist the association.

Chairman Mr Desraj Singh Dahele thanked the White House Dental Practice for their very generous contribution towards the publication of the directory. He also thanked Mr Narinder Singh Sian for designing the website, lapel badges, pop up banners and membership cards for the Association.

The Chairman prented Dr Parvine Kapoor copies of the Members directory as a gift.

Narinder Singh was presented with a certificate or appreciation, copies of the directory and a special gift.

Mr Gurmej Singh Chaggar brought ladoos to help celebrate the birth of his grandson. Tea and pizza was served to the members towards the end of the meeting.