0n Thursday the 13 Oct 2014 35th Anniversary of the East African Asian Senior Citizens Association was celebrated at the Dominion Arts and Education Centre Southall. General Secretary Ajit Mahajan read out The Association history in details from 1979 to date.

All 8 chairman were requested to come forward and sit on one table which was reserved for them. Our chairman Mr Desraj Singh welcomed all members and the past chairman to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Association.

The cake cutting ceremony was performed by one most senior past Chairman Mr Gurdevdev Singh Kunar with the other chairman standing by his side. 5 candles in the cake which were light and browned off by past chairman Mr Ajit Singh Mahajan. After the ceremony the past Chairman was give some time on the stage to air their views.

Mr Satwant Singh Bhambra recited a poem relating to the unity of the association.

At 12.15 pm bajia, cake and tea was severed.

Mr Daljit Singh announced that the members address directory will be printed soon in the form of a brusher and requested those members whose telephone numbers are missing to forward to him as soon as possible

It was a very successful meeting the past chairman appreciated the idea of the celebration by the executive committee