On 26th February 2015 PC Anthony Raw cliff from Southall Police Station was invited as a guest speaker to give a talk on Safety and Security.

He was introduced to members by our General secretary Mr Ajit Singh Mahajan and he thanked Mr Dalbagh Singh Chana for provided us his contact of the police officer. PC Anthony Raw cliff spoke in details outlining the precautions all people should take.

He stresses that you should always fit good quality front door locks,
House ground floor windows should be fitted with gadgets that make noise on opening. When going out for longer period radio should be put on loud volume
Some rooms light should be connected with electric timers so that lights come on at different times. Your house and, car keys should not be left in the sitting room should be taken in the bed room. To form a neighbourhood association to look out for any unusual activity taking place on the street

Many question were asked and were answered very amicably

Lastly he stressed that police is for your safety and security you most cooperate with them. The Chairman Mr Desraj Singh Dahele proposed a vote of thanks for accepting our invitation at a short period and stressed that your talk was very informative and educational. He brought 150 electric timers for free distribution to the members.