The association annual general meeting took place on 23rd April 2015 at 11.00 Am at the Dominion and Library Centre Southall. A total of 153 members attended the meeting, the meeting started on time.

The chairman Mr Desraj Singh Dahele Well commed and thanked the member for tuning up in a large number. He presented his report for the year 2013-2015 and thanked his executive committee members for their full cooperation during his term of office. He also thanked all the general members for their contribution to the association in various capacities

He thanked the White House and Sterling Dental Practice for their generous contribution towards the publication of Members Directory and Mr Amerjit singh Sehmi for making Association banner free of charge. Mr Narinder Singh Sian for setting up association website and updating it from time to time, Designing Lapel pin badges, the pop up Association Banner and compiling, printing Member’s directory from 1979 to 2015.

The General secretary Mr Ajit Singh Mahajan presented his detailed report for 2 years (2013-2015).The Treasure Mr Jagjit Singh Grewal presented his income and expenditure report for the years (2013-2015).

The Chairman Mr Desraj Singh Dahele dissolved the Executive committee and requested executive committee members to vacate their seats and sit among the general members.

He requested the election chairman Mr Guru Dutt Seedar to come forward and take the chair and conduct the business of the General meeting and the new member’s election.Mr Guru Dutt took with him 5 other members to assist him. He briefed general members the guide lines and rules of the general meeting.
Mr Satwant Singh bambra was elected chairman for the year {2015-2017), Mr Jagdev Singh Panesar was elected General Secretary for the year (2015-2017), Mr Harmandar Singh Mahajan Treasure for the year (2015-2017).There was no election for the other positions as they were unanimously elected. Mr Guru Dutt requested The new committee to take over the meeting proceedings.

Mr Satwant Singh Thanked all the members. The meeting concluded at 1.45 pm