badge6Established in 1979, the EAASCA has in excess of 250 members and is at the forefront of exciting initiatives for Senior Citizens in the 50+ age group.

There is a growing need for the welfare and well-being of seniors, as well as a need to improve the quality of our cultural and social interactions.

The Association meets every Thursday, 11am to 1pm at the Dominion Arts and Education Centre in Southall. Annual Membership costs £5. There is no discrimination based on marital status, language spoken, country of origin, sect, etc. Currently, the Association has members ranging in age from 50 to 85 and above!

Emphasises of our programmes is on: Health and Welfare; Culture and Recreation; Education and Information; Food & Nutrition; Excursions; Volunteers & Support.

Education and information covering all aspects of senior life are considered very important. Lectures on health and welfare are arranged both from in-house and outside experts. Topics, such as healthy living, disease prevention, exercise and stress management, health insurance, specific diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and many more are discussed for the benefit of seniors.