On 13th November,1979, during an informal meeting at the residence of Mr. Itwant Singh Walia, it became apparent, there was a need for retired East African Asians to socialise regularly and discuss matters of common interest over the occasional cup of tea.

Consequently founding members Mr. Itwant Singh Walia, Mr Harbans Lal Modgil, Mr Ram Nath Bhakoo, Mr Sardul Singh Anand, Mr Kuldip Singh Ahluwalia and Mr Jagjit Singh Ahluwalia created the East African Asian Senior Citizens Association.
Initially, group meetings were held at member’s homes in rotation. Interest grew and soon the membership numbered thirty and it became impractical to continue meeting informally in small houses.

In 1981, Mr. Modgil persuaded Mr. Rai to allow the association to use of the Milap Centre as a venue, where the first meeting took place on 28th January 1981 and Mr.Kuldip Singh Ahluwalia was elected Chairman.

On 22nd August 1985 relocated to Park View Youth Centre, Southall aft Mr Mr. Kuldip Singh secured agreement from Ealing Council. Eventually the association moved to Youth Centre, Southall. with effect from 22nd August,1985. After an arson attach, the Association was moved to the Dominion Arts and Education Centre in Southall on 24th February 1994.

During its meeting, members have been address by Health Professionals, Doctors, Dentists, Yoga instructors, Members of Parliament, Mayors, QCs and Councillors to name a few.

In 2014, in keeping with the times, the Association launched its own website to better communicate with the members share its experiences with distant relatives and friends in East Africa and beyond. Its identity was further cemented by providing complimentary lapel pins for members and banners for meeting.

Our 25th Anniversary was celebrated on 11th November 2004. Three of our surviving founder members were invited. Me Itwant Singh Walia and Kuldip Singh Ahluwalia attended but sadly Mr Jagjit Singh Ahluwalia was housebound could not attend. All the three were presented with small gifts as a good will gesture and mark of respect.

On 13th November 2014, our members celebrated our 35th Anniversary at the Dominion Arts and Education Centre.